"Things fall apart." This occurs to me often. Floods. Deaths. Elections. Uncertainty. Loss. For the last few years my process encompasses this. I start a drawing with a line or a tear or a stroke. The next step is to build by adding a mark, or by adding another piece of paper by stapling/gluing/taping. Or the next step is to take it apart. And repeat. Coalesce and then separate, depart and arrive. The most recent pieces, from a series called “Perturbation” (definition: “a deviation of a system, moving object, or process from its regular or normal state of path, caused by an outside influence”) are grounded in a formalism that is rooted in an emotional archeological dig. How to find the bones or the roof or the remaining artifact? They are finished when a resonant edge remains. As I feel more fear they are changing... the elegiac is giving way to chairs being piled up against a door. 

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